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Our 6-Step Signature Facial: Our Most Popular 6 Step Signature Facial includes Toner, Cleansing Steam, Massage, Exfoliation, Vitamin C Serum and SPF Moisturizer.


7-Step Advanced Probiotic Facial: Our Advanced Probiotic Facial includes Cleansing Steam, Exfoliation, Toner, Purifying Probiotic Mask massage, Vitamin C Serum, and SPF Moisturizer.

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Platinum O2 Oxygen Facial Treatment: The O2 Platinum Lift is a five-step luxury spa treatment that exfoliates and oxygenates the skin while infusing plant-derived stem cells, peptides, and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals that leave skin glowing and illuminated.


Deep Tissue Facial Cleansing & Extraction: An extraction facial is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pores (black heads) by manual or mechanical means. It is time consuming and most people need at least a couple of extractions if this is your first facial.

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Custom Chemical Peel: A Chemical Peel is a technique your esthetician uses to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. Chemical peels are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin thus revealing fresh, younger looking skin. This treatment is especially good for acne.


Anti-Aging Wrinkle & Blemish Treatment: Our Wrinkle and Blemish treatment is especially designed to help with wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead Additionally, it will brighten the face and reduce or even eliminate light scars and unwanted pigmentation. 

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Acne & Acne Scar Treatment: Your dermatologist proscribes pills, and that's good. But pills work from the inside out and that can take time. But pills wont address acne scars. we use a direct approach. With the right treatment we can help to reduce or even possibly eliminate certain acne scars.


Our Best Most Advanced Chemical Peel: This Exclusive Chemical Peel Treatment  From Spain Treats Acne, Pigmentation, Acne Scars, Rosacea,  fine lines, treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging. It Includes Our 6 Step Signature Facial. This light gentle peel is especially formulated for sensitive skin and no post care product is required.


Advanced Dermaplaning: This skin treatment uses an exfoliating blade to skim the dead skin cells and hair from your face. It also aims to make your skin’s surface smooth youthful and radiant.


Micro-Needling: Micro-Needling has many benefits. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Acne scars, Shrinks enlarged pores, cologne production and loose skin just to name a few. Multiple treatments may be required

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Our Best Most Advanced Facial Mask: This mask is regenerating & anti-ageing containing aloe vera extract, linseed and low doses of lactic, glycolic, salicylic acid. It has a regenerating and soothing effect. Helps to erase imperfections. Can be used on any skin type at any time of year.

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Anti-Wrinkle Mask - This masks contains vitamin C, dill and seaweed extract which stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces the damaging effects of free radicals thus enhancing skin elasticity. This energizing mask is good for any skin type and age and can be used any time of the year.


IPL Rosacea Treatment: IPL is an excellent treatment for rosacea because it targets both redness and brown hyperpigmentation enabling the customer to see overall tone improvement in the skin. To be more specific, the oxyhemoglobin in the blood absorbs the broadband wavelength from the IPL which creates heat that helps destroy the capillaries responsible for rosacea.


IPL Skin Tightening Treatment: While aging is irreversible, science has made a breakthrough with the first, non-surgical, light-based dermal heating system approved by the FDA for lax skin. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a non-invasive treatment that provides a natural approach to skin tightening without injections, surgery, or recovery time.

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IPL Age Spot & Wrinkle Rejuvenation: IPL also known as Intense Pulsed Light is the latest in light treatment technology to target pigment issues, such as brown spots, and sun damage. A series of 3-5 treatments is recommended spaced out about a month apart for ultimate results.

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IPL Hair Removal: An intense pulsed light (IPL) is a cosmetic skin treatment used to reduce signs of aging or removing unwanted hair. We offer laser hair removal on treatment areas above the neck, mid body, or below the waist. Pricing varies depending on the treatment areas and we offer discounts for multiple sessions.

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IPL Acne Treatment: IPL Acne Treatment: IPL also known as Intense Pulsed Light is the latest in light treatment technology to reduce acne and acne scaring. Treatments can help remove scaring to reveal healthier skin. 

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Oscar Gold Mask: This mask contains 24-carat gold dust! With an injection of vitamins, minerals this mask nourishes, revitalizes and reaffirms the skin. This mask also contains hyaluronic acid. Good for sensitive, delicate, premature aging skin, that need to restore the balance lost with the passage of time.

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New Luxury Mask Line from CASMARA 1: Iris will evaluate your skin type and make a recommendation that will benefit you the most or you can choose between a Red Berry Mask, Kiwi Green Mask, or Green Tea Mask. Each with special benefits to treat and nourish your skin.

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New Luxury Mask Line from CASMARA 2: Iris will evaluate your skin type and make a recommendation that will benefit you the most or you can choose between a Violet Oak Mask, Oxygen Mask, Black Mask, or Blush Pink Mask. Each with special benefits to treat and nourish your skin.


GENEO Glam Facial: This facials speeds up cell turnover to allow the skin to repair itself, reinforces skin barrier to protect against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and visible signs of aging, and contains hydrating blend of vitamins to smooth and support plump and supple texture to moisturize.


GENEO Detox Facial: This facial will reduce and prevent damage caused by external allergens and environmental stressors. Antioxidant emollients and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and relax existing skin irritation and redness. A conditioning and smoothing effect helps stave off damage caused by UV rays, blue light and pollution.


GENEO Hydrate Facial: This facial improves skin’s moisture retention and works overtime to replenish dry and dull skin. Anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients promote cellular renewal and strengthen the skin barrier. Gentle exfoliation agents and vitamins improve skin’s smoothness and texture


GENEO Illuminate Facial: This facial helps even out skin tone and texture resulting in a smoother complexion and unified skin tone. Visibly reduces and inhibits hyperpigmentation caused by aging and sun damage. Removes dead skin cells to rejuvenate your face resulting in brighter, younger-looking skin.


GENEO Balance Facial: This facial removes impurities through its adsorption properties of charcoal to detoxify the skin by removing dirt. Gentle exfoliation and anti-bacterial ingredients help treat acne-prone skin. Antioxidants help reduce pore size and promote collagen growth to minimize oil production.


GENEO Revive Facial: This facial improves elasticity of the skin resulting in a smoother appearance. It visibly reduces and inhibits the signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles and helps even out skin tone and reduces sun damage to diminish the signs of aging